Alexandra Bruel:
“I try to make them all with modeling clay. I consider it a graphic tool of the same order as painting or photography, but which hasn’t been used or explored well enough, except in, probably, animation.”

Converse x Shoes-up #26:
Context: the international campain of Converse, focused on promotion of young talents, is in full swing now. Converse asked Shoes-up to find them a new star. I was offered to present my works in modeling clay and then to create something for Converse. Without asking too many questions I created one of their “Star Chevron” sneakers (the one that they asked me to make).

Shoes up editorial:
Realization of illustrations for the editorial in issue 23 of Shoes-Up magazine, the topic: animal

Typographic work for the album pocket of a parisian band.

Alexandra’s portfolio:

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